Manage Your Cases

Optimization and efficiency are key in de development of CYOLO. From now on, you have the possibility to create each case and its details from a-to-z in Dutch and/or in French, without wasting unnecessary time on administration. Create a case, court, client, opponent, third party, … and use the data to prefill the main templates. Store your documents in a logical filesystem with a search-option. Invoicing and noting the most important events in the agenda are no longer an extra task: everything is automated to make your professional life easier!

Hosting & Cloud Services

CYOLO uses the latest cloud-solutions to provide you the access & data storage you need, anywhere & anytime. Loss of data is no longer an issue: everything is stored safely in a dedicated cloud-system.

Hosting is provided in the service and is located in Europe to guarantee a fast connection to your CYOLO interface as well as to have more reassurance towards privacy & security (GDPR).


Digital Framework Tailored to Your Needs

CYOLO offers a Bronze, Silver and Gold solution at the best price available on the market! Dependant on the package, you can navigate in one or both languages: French and Dutch. Either way: templates to create and manage your cases are available in all our packages! 

Whilst other companies offer mainly a desktop solution, we offer a cloud-based solution at a fixed price. No invoice surprises along the way while keeping the benefits of a cloud-based solution!

No need to have other software packages to edit your documents: you can create all your documents in CYOLO.

In addition, CYOLO aims to add new features based on your input to improve the service. The more input we receive, the more opportunities we have to increase and develop the software and our services.

Security & GDPR

CYOLO manages to provide you a software that considers important criteria on different levels:

  • Security and Encryption: we have an adequate protection for private data, from encryption to clear and well implemented security practices.
  • Availability & access: we are able to respond to data subject access requests from private users.
  • Transparency and auditability: questions related to who has access to the data of the private user and what you do with the collected data can be dealt with upon request. Modification and deletion of data is possible upon request.
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