Our Services

The CYOLO-software aims to provide you a secured cloud-based solution to manage your cases from a to z. Optimize and be efficient, any time and anywhere!

Manage Your Cases

Create a case, court, client, opponent and third party. Store your documents in a logical file system with an integrated search engine. Keep track of your valuable time via time-tracking and your agenda. Use the invoice application to bill your work.

Hosting & Cloud Services

CYOLO uses the latest cloud-solutions to provide you the access you need, anytime & anywhere. Loss of data is no longer an issue: everything is stored safely in a dedicated cloud-system.

Digital Framework Tailored to Your Needs

CYOLO offers a Bronze, Silver and Gold solution at the best price available on the market! In addition, CYOLO aims to add new features based on your input to improve the service!

Security & GDPR

When developing the system and services, CYOLO takes into account its mission to comply with the security and privacy (GDPR) requirements.

About Us

CYOLO is a secured cloud-based case management solution built specifically for lawyers.

Thanks to a tight collaboration between Belgium lawyers, business and IT professionals, we were able to identify and develop the necessary features to manage legal cases in one single software, including legal document and task management, calendaring, time-tracking & accounting.
Thanks to our business model, we manage to market our solutions at the best price so that all lawyers have the opportunity to use new technologies and run efficient, profitable practices.

Our Mission:

As a third party, our goal is to invest in optimizing the use of innovative technology, both to perform tasks embedded in legal services and to facilitate the efficiency of the delivery process for legal professionals in Belgium.


Drukpersstraat – Rue de la Presse n° 4
1000 Brussel – Bruxelles – Brussels
Tel: +32 (0)2 227 27 27


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